Blogs Fly When You’re Having Fun

Friends and family,

So it turns out that MAYBE I shouldn’t become a professional blogger after graduation (not that I have any other plans yet ha ha ha). I have almost been in Budapest for ONE MONTH, and I am incredibly happy to be here.

God works ALL things together for good and I am so in awe when I think about each thing He pieced together in my life that has led me to be sitting in a bedroom in my house in Budapest (it’s funny cause the song).

The summer after my sophomore year of college I re-dedicated my life to Christ and got re-baptized on a mission trip in Haiti (fun fact: I was baptized in the Pacific Ocean AND the Atlantic Ocean) ((fun question: should I KEEP getting baptized in every ocean??)) (((just kidding, I don’t think that’s how it works ??!!?))). I remember that moment well, because I wasn’t going to do it at first. I felt silly for even considering getting baptized again, I thought I would be disappointing my family and sending a message along the lines of “hey, so, I know I already did this but I need to do it again”. I also felt like I was somehow cheating the system and getting an extra dosage of grace that I didn’t deserve (when in reality God gives His grace so freely and willingly). But in that same moment God silenced all of those insecurities. Full of grace, full of happy-tears, full of redemption, full of hope, I came out of that water and I was finally full. No longer putting my faith into people, into relationships, into plans, into school, into whatever it had been, in that moment I put all of my trust and faith into God.

Soon after that, I felt compelled to look more into something my professor had mentioned in class earlier that year that I had sort of taken note of, but mostly signed off due to being a homebody with a slight lack of courage. As I prayed and received more information from my professor, it became clear to me that this was something that God was calling me to do. I am a creature of comfort and habit, but God called me out of my comfort zone (and slum home) and into full trust in Him. For most of my placement process I had no idea where I would end up, and for someone who LOVES planning things, this also forced me to trust that God would provide a placement and that I needed to trust His plan more than my own. From visas, to Hillary’s flight ALMOST getting cancelled, to where I’m living, to my school and CT, I have had to trust that God will provide and that God has a plan, and time and time again He has provided for all of my needs.

A lot of people who are near and dear to me keep telling me that I am brave. While this is so encouraging (pls don’t stop, seriously it’s should food), I am also so humbled to hear the stories of some of those I have met here. My host family, who have been missionaries in Budapest for around 20 years, my CT, who followed God’s call to come and teach here, trusting that God will provide financially and deciding to stay here indefinitely until God leads her elsewhere. I find these stories, and so many more, so incredible and I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by so many faithful and encouraging people. I am loving my school, the 8 littles in my class, all of the staff at ICSB and my hosts. I have been welcomed into this community with open arms, and I am so grateful.

Hillary and I had an incredible time traveling together. We had a Buda-ful time in Budapest, a pig filled New Year in Vienna, and Venice went swimmingly (we didn’t swim, but there was water cause pretty canals). Some favorite memories: exploring Christmas markets, eating Kürtőskalács, getting lost over and over again, the Turkish baths, the guy on the bus who made the spit noise, trying to get up at 7 and always getting up at 8 or 9, all things New Years in Vienna especially pig hats and pig mugs, and especially not street food, waltzing at midnight, watching the symphony, trying to figure out how to eat soft boiled eggs, Hillary at the Freud museum, tea with airbnb hosts, cuddling, laughing, the fried apricot ice cream, Klimt paintings, running through modern art museums bc modern art, night train, night train perks, tuna fish pizza, the incredible seafood, learning about all the different types of Murano glass, getting lost in Venice, talking with the Jewish man about peace and home. The cat. More pizza. Riding in a gondola. Making my room a happy room, etc. Attached are some photos to speak more words than I can say.

Today is my big brudders birthday and I’ve been missing him so much. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BURSTY IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I’ve already decided that every holiday I miss will be one that I get to make up, so I hope you’re ready for your birthday in April too.

Please pray for GOOD HEALTH. I’ve been feeling sick and almost all of the teachers and students in our little community are feeling the same way.

A dear friend Sam is visiting me this weekend, and I can not wait to tell you more about what school is like in Budapest, so stay tuned for more blog posts (more often).

Sommer, the Brave Little Piglet


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