So, It’s Happening

As much as I can hardly believe it, this is actually happening. “This” as in me leaving for Budapest on Monday. Since finding out my placement in August, time has sped by leaving about two minutes to process. (I wish there was a better word to describe this semester than sped, raced? barreled? charged? Sommer-got-ran-over-by-a-reindeer? I’ll get back to you on that). Essentially, if my thoughts seem a little jumbled it’s because this is one of the two minutes I’ve spent thinking about all of this. Unfortunately jumbled is also sort of how my brain works, so this whole blog thing will be exciting for us all.

Let’s talk a little bit about the name of this blog that, yes, is a bit more sentimental than my affection for baby pigs. Who’s familiar with Winnie-the-Pooh? I’m not particularly currently. (I used to be a big fan, Tigger movie in theaters in the front row kind of big). Anyways, there’s a character named Piglet who’s shy and doesn’t take many risks and is generally a timid little guy. Sometimes Piglet is brave though and overcomes his fears and it’s all very exciting and fun. I think most people have their moments where their Piglet shows a little bit, but apparently as a child (read: as a child and always) my Piglet showed (read: showed and shows) a lot. In these moments of being shy, being timid, being scared, not wanting to talk on the phone to my own doctor, my mother, rather than coddling, would always tell me, “be brave little Piglet”. While she keeps telling me I’m allowed to stay home if I want to, I know she knows that I know she’s really saying it now too. (See what I did there mom?). So, essentially, even though I can be a timid little guy sometimes I’m very excited for this upcoming adventure, a chance to overcome any fear. The Brave Little Piglet is me. I’ll be the Brave Little Piglet in Budapest.

In Budapest, I will be completing my education training as a full-time student teacher. Hillary (my sister) will be traveling with me to Budapest to help me get settled. We will also be traveling to Vienna and Venice before my school starts in January.

Please pray for: courage, comfort, safety, many opportunities to show the love of Jesus abroad, protection, community, and peace.

Despite all of this excitement, I’m also taking some time to be still this Christmas and reflect on the hope and joy that Jesus brought to the world when He was born. Merry Christmas!



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